Details of Rome

Mõtlesin, et lisan ka siia mõned pildid Roomast. Esimesel päeval käisin ringi pidevalt pildistades. Olin täiesti sillas igast majast, tänavast, nurgatagusest… Kõik need detailid panid ahhetama.  Igal tänaval oli tunda Rooma iidsust. // I thought I add some pics of Rome on the blog also. First day in Rome was all about taking photos of everything. I was blown away by every house, street, corner… On every street of Rome I felt the ancient Rome!IMG_7695IMG_7693IMG_7680IMG_7684IMG_7709IMG_7719.JPGIMG_7669IMG_7676IMG_7747.JPGIMG_7793.JPGIMG_7843.JPGIMG_7500.JPGIMG_7505.JPGIMG_7613.JPGIMG_7615.JPGIMG_7952.JPGIMG_7610.JPGIMG_8048.JPG


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